The Better Way,

To Make your Day.


Build shot lists with our template in Excel or Numbers on your desktop, then import them directly into Shot Lister from Dropbox or Mail. Click on the icons to download.


Export beautiful PDFs of your shot list and schedule to email or Dropbox. Export a CSV to continue editing on the desktop, or share the entire Shot Lister project SHL file with other crew members.








$13.99 / YR
in app purchase

Shot Lister Pro is an optional subscription purchased inside the app. It unlocks access to the above features. Subscription automatically renews annually and can be canceled at any time.


The continued financial support of Shot Lister Pro members is the only reason we can afford to keep updating the app with awesome new features. Thank you!

Apple Watch


Shot Lister has full Apple Watch support. A custom clock face has been designed to show your current live schedule. You can also add the watch face as a Glance for easy access.


By pressing on the the watch face, you can navigate a shot list view, by scrolling with the digital crown you can quickly scan the remaining shots.


Before the shoot day begins, the watch will count down to Call Time.



The Better way, To Make your day.

Shot Lister is created by Reel Apps Inc.